Rahil Sondhi

Software Engineer in San Francisco

How to Test Your Startup Idea in a Weekend

So you’ve got a brilliant startup idea that you’re obsessed about. I’m going to show you how you can test it in a weekend without spending any money or finding a technical co-founder. This is going to save you from spending lots of time and money on a problem and solution you haven’t validated. I’ve learned all this by testing my own startup ideas and attending events like Startup Weekend and Lean Startup Machine (LSM).

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Twitter for Personal Use

Yesterday, I made a presentation to the MGTD06 Marketing in the Information Age class at the University of Toronto. Since most of my peers don’t understand the benefits of Twitter, my goal was to show them the benefits, and to persuade them to join the conversation. This post is for students who missed the presentation, or for anyone else interested.

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